Line Post Caps

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Line Post Caps for Chain Link Fencing

Line post caps are used to cap the top of line posts and allow the top rail to slide through. If you are using top rail on your chain link fence, you will need to use one line post cap per post.

Material: Aluminium

Please Note: Due to manufacturing differences, the product you receive may not match the picture.


Part # Description
LPC112-1516 Line Post Cap, 1 1/2″x 1 5/16″ Loop
LPC158-1516 Line Post Cap, 1 5/8″x 1 5/16″ Loop
LPC11116-1516 Line Post Cap, 1 11/16″x 1 5/16″ Loop
LPC11116-11116 Line Post Cap, 1 11/16″x 1 11/16″ Loop
LPC178-1516 Line Post Cap, 1 7/8″x 1 5/16″ Loop
LPC178-11116 Line Post Cap, 1 7/8″x 1 11/16″ Loop
LPC238-11116 Line Post Cap, 2 3/8″x 1 11/16″ Loop
LPC212-2 Line Post Cap, 2 1/2″x 1 5/16″ Loop
LPC278-1523 Line Post Cap, 2 7/8″x 1 11/16″ Loop