Brace Bands

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Brace bands are used to attach chain link fence fabric to line posts and terminal/end posts. They are commonly used to attach chain link fabric to gate frames. Fence bands should be spaced 10-14″ apart. As a rule of thumb, you should use one less tension band than the height of fence you are installing (i.e. a 6′ high fence uses 5 tension bands).

Glvanized Steel

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Part # Description
BD1516 Brace Band, 1 5/16″
BD158 Brace Band, 1 5/8″
BD11116 Brace Band, 1 11/16″
BD178 Brace Band, 1 7/8″
BD238 Brace Band, 2 3/8″
BD278 Brace Band, 2 7/8″
BD312 Brace Band, 3 1/2″
BD412 Brace Band, 4 1/2″
BD658 Brace Band, 6 5/8″